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How to use Ms Teddy bear Gift Certificate

1- Order the Gift Certificate

2- You will receive the Gift Certificate Code by Email

3- You can email the Code to someone

4- Ordering from Msteddybear.com.

5- Once you've added your items to your shopping cart, click Checkout.

6- Locate the Coupon Code / Promotional Code field. Make sure that you enter the complete gift certificate code (It must start with the @ sign) and click Apply to see the gift certificate applied to your order.

7- If you have more than one gift certificate for a particular store, you may enter and apply these codes one at a time.

If you have enough funds on the gift certificate to cover the cost of your order, you won't be required to enter any payment information.

If you don't have enough funds on your gift certificate to cover your entire order, you'll be required to pay the remaining balance.

Happy shopping!