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*1/19-Hi, my name is Guadalupe i send you an email requesting some help im going to do a fundraiser for my daughter whom has a cancer in her vagina we fighting already 2 years my daughter has 3 kids whom need Momy , it was so hard this process but i do everything to save my daughter , thats my only child and is so painfull think something happen to her , I a Mom whom beggan you help me up with some bears donation to sell this Valentines day to SAVE MY DAUGHTER'S LIFE , me and her kids need her Please touch your Heart and help us. ---Donation was shipped on 1/31

*Good morning MS Teddy Bear, I am writing on behalf of my Women's Ministry group at my church......I understand that you get a ton of requests and I know the Lord will provide either way. But I wanted to give you the opportunity first. Many thanks for reading this! Our community could use prayers!! - Hendersonville SDA Church - donation shipped on 10/24/17

* Harvey relief - Northside Baptist Church, Huntsville, TX 77320

*Phoenix Giving Day event ( for privileged school in a low income area) . "Dear Ms Teddy Bear: I am the chair for this year's Phoenix Giving Day event where we adopt a Title One School (under privileged school in a low income area) where we have a one day carnival at the school. We have games and activities for the kids, we give each child a teddy bear so they always have something to hugs, give them an age appropriated toy and provide lunch. Each year, we always seem to not get enough bears donated from our volunteers. I found your information online and I am reaching out to see if you would be willing to donate some teddy bears to our cause. We have 417 children in this school and we are at approximately 200 teddy bears that have been donated at this time. If you would be willing to donate to our cause, I would be extremely grateful. Please let me know if you have any questions. Our flyer is attached to this email and if you would be willing to donate, I would like to delivery to go to our local PSI Office at 1495 N Hayden Rd # 9, Scottsdale, AZ 85257. Attached is our flyer along with our federal tax ID number. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information."

*Dear Ms. Teddy Bear: Our church has agreed to help a local shelter in DC by providing stuffed animals for kids that have faced traumatic events. Our goal was 800 stuffed animals to cover all children in the shelter. We have received 250. Please let us know if you can help us with additional stuffed animals. They can be shipped to: 9412 Utica Place, Springdale MD 20774 Attn: Vision Impact Center. Thank you, Pastor Willie and Eboni Speight 301-785-5448 *Hello, my name is Mandy and my niece's name is Kaylee. I am putting on a great fundraiser event called, Rummy Fun Raiser Tournament on January 20th, 2018 in Scottsdale at a private home. This will be an event to raise money for my sister, Kelly, and her 15 year old daughter, Kaylee, whom is fighting bone cancer.

We are asking for some gift items for prizes to raffle off at the event, such as product or gift cards. We actually have a few themed baskets that are in need of a stuffed bear and horse. Kaylee also loves all dogs. We would be very appreciative of anything donated.

Kaylee was diagnosed in April of 2017. Since then she has had multiple chemo treatments, a leg surgery replacing 3/4 of her femur and her whole knee with metal, and just came out of surgery on her right lung due to the cancer spreading. She still has more chemo and a left lung surgery ahead of her. She is my niece and such a strong warrior. Kelly is a single mother and all the profits are going towards her bills at Phoenix Children's Hospital, or for her daily living costs. --- Donation made on 12/7/2017

Hello, my name is Aaron and I work with our teen group, Youth of Unity, in the Knoxville, TN area collecting new stuffed animals from now until the week of Sunday December 17th. Towards the end of that week we will reach out to the local safe houses and homeless shelters of the Knoxville area, find out how many children they are sheltering and deliver the stuffed animals along with our Prayer of Protection (The Light of God Surrounds Us, The Love of God Enfolds Us, The Power of God Protects Us, The Presence of God Watches Over Us, Wherever We Are, God IS!!) These stuffed animals may be the best gift a child receives during the Holiday / Christmas season. We have two ministries collecting the animals on Sundays and are actively accepting donations from anyone interested in contributing. We were searching online for stuffed animals to purchase when I discovered your website and wondered if Ms.Teddy would be interested in helping us in any way to continue to bless others in need. This is a project our group has made a tradition for 25 years. We believe it is a great service and a wonderful way to share our love. We hope that each stuffed animal selected is with that intention of love as well, so that each one given out is given with the fullness of the Christ love. Anything your organization could do to help us would be much appreciated. Thank you. - donation sent on 12/12/17

*My name is Pastor Barbara . My husband, Apostle Paul Davis, and I are the lead pastors of a mid-sized church named Kingdom Agenda Church, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our church is a ministry that focuses on the "total man". Through various outreach initiatives, our hope is to address the physical health, emotional health and spiritual health of as many people as we can touch through various community-focused ministries including a long-standing food pantry, a school supply drive, jail ministries, women outreach, men outreach, and feeding the homeless children and adults. Your Miss Teddy Bear Charity Program would allow us to continue our impactful work. If granted, we would use the donated bears to encourage people through our ministry who are ill, homebound, hospitalized or mourning the loss of a loved one. We are hopeful that you can appreciate the many ways that a donation of your bears will be in service with the people we serve in Green Bay. Pastor Barbara

* Thank you so much for the donation. Things were so hectic yesterday when we went down to Rockport. I could only snap a few pics but the kids loved the teddy bears. Thank you again for helping us show God's blessings and love to the people of Rockport, Texas. May God continue to bless you and your company. Northside Baptist Church