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MS Charity 2008-2024

Life is not easy, but a teddy bear can make someone to smile easily. Teddy bear can show the love and the care.

Ms Teddy Bear likes to help many people (poor,children, church, school...) as possible as we can. Please send your request with your simple reason for our donation to us.

Due to our limited budget and labor source, we are not able to guarantee each request to be satisfied and responded.

If your request is approved, we will send the donation to you directly.Your name will be listed in this section and you agree we may post your request in our site .

If your request is not approved, We are sorry we are not able to send any email to explain the reason.

Please DO NOT CALL. Only Email Please. Our phone is only for sales/customers. It will save our time and labor to provide more chance for others' need.

MS TEDDY BEAR is not charity organization, but it is owned by Christians. Through our teddy bear program, May God bless as many as people who need him! God is Love!

Email your request to: