Product information
Which kind of quality you have? Our products are Walmart / Kmart quality or flower shop quality, not high end gift line quality.
Can I give your products to infant? Sorry, No. All our products are only for age3&up.

How to place the order? Please just click the item picture and you will see the order button, enter the quantity and check out. We do not take phone order except the following conditions: Your order is larger than $500, or your want to repeat the same past order.

Can you bill me or take check as payment? Sorry, we only take credit card as payment. We may give term for certain kinds of customers upon approval.

How long will my order be shipped? We will ship it in 1-2 days for non-personalized order. Or 2-3 days for personalized order ( it may be longer if there is question or problem for the issue of art/logo) . For holiday high seasons, it may add 1-2 extra days. ( only working day counted as a Day)
Can I pick it up or use own carrier to avoid the shipping? Yes, you are welcome to do that! You can choose the Pickup under the shipping method. Call us before you come to pick up. To send your carrier to pick up, you need first to contact for the weight, boxes information for arranging your pick up.
Can I get all free shipping just like the other famous site doing? Good question! But, the real question is we are different: we have very very low wholesale price; we do not charge you a membership fee in front. If real world, someone has to pay the shipping. You buy very low price with fair shipping = You buy very high price with free shipping. More likely, you will save a lot with low price items for larger order since shipping rate is going down with quantity ( weight) increased.

Can I return the order if I do not like it? Yes, you can return it with No reason. Since we have paid the shipping to you, you need to pay the shipping back here. In case of exchange for same size items, after you pay to send back, we will send the same amount same size with Free shipping.

Why was no one pick up the phone when I called? It may have different situations. 1- You are in East and we are in West, there may be 3 hours difference. When you call us at 8 am, here we are still in bed (5am). 2 - We are so busy due to high seasons or short of hands. 3- Sending the email with question is the top choice, or leave the message by phone if it is urgent. Most cases, we will pick up the phone during the business hours.