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  • MY20012FGT

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Hey, do you like frogs? I mean, who doesn't, right? They're so cute and hoppy and green. Well, guess what? I have the perfect gift for you: a 12" embroidery eye stuffed animal frog with logo tee! This is not your ordinary plushie, oh no. This is a high-quality, soft and cuddly frog that has beautiful embroidery eyes and a cool logo tee that you can customize with your own message or design. You can make it say anything you want, like "I love frogs" or "Kiss me, I'm a prince" or "Ribbit ribbit". It's up to you! This frog is the ideal companion for anyone who loves frogs or just wants a fun and friendly toy to hug. You can take it anywhere you go, from your bed to your couch to your car. It will always be there for you, smiling and ready to hop into your arms. So don't wait, order your 12" embroidery eye stuffed animal frog with logo tee today and make someone's day a little more frog-tastic!